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Friendship: For me, friendship has been one of coming and going (on- again, off-again) and it's because being a friend is very hard; who knows, it could be more difficult than a love relationship. I don't have many friends, those that are always with you when you need them. I accept circumstantial friendships but I don't give them more importance than they have.

A Perfect Day: It's a day where I sleep 8 hours or more; better yet, 8 extra hours. A morning with a wonderful sun and in a place like Acapulco. If the sea is calm, I can swim or do some other water sport. In the afternoon a siesta in a hammock and when the sun goes down I sit on the terrace of my house to play the piano while I look at the sunset over the ocean.

Three Wishes: Health, a lot of it; for me that's basic, because anything else is of no use to you if you don't have health; do you agree? Next, an intelligent, beautiful woman who loves me and understands me. And three, the possibility of helping all the needy people, hungry people, poor people.

Personality: They say that Aries are very strong people, very tough, doing things their way, leaders of whatever. And the truth is, yes, I'm one of those who likes to take control of things.

An Adventure: I still haven't done it, but I dream about an evil thing: to go into places that the majority of the people don't have access to, like NASA. Those types of places interest me a lot, to have all the information related to outer space.

Childhood: It's a wonderful phase. Many have told me that by singing professionally you can't enjoy it (childhood). But it wasn't like that: on the contrary, I've had experiences that other boys my age didn't have. And I feel very good about that.

Profession: The most important thing in this career is respect as a basic concept. It begins with respecting yourself, demanding 101 percent of everything you do. The people who work with me know a lot about how to help me. They are into everything: records,
contracts. These type of people please me.

Women: They are the great driver and my inspiration. All my songs need to seduce them.

The Human Being: I'm flesh and bones. I need to take some time to disconnect totally from "LUIS MIGUEL THE ARTIST" and to turn myself back into what I am: a simple human being. I feel very good physically, but I need to free myself mentally from many things.

The Other Love: I needed in my childhood the same things as today: to be caressed by my nother, to talk with my father, to receive the love that I needed and that I still need.

Death: I think that one of the few things that I fear is death, and also physical pain. I already went through that when they operated on me for appendicitis, and it was a horrible experience.

Family: I have a family that broke up and I have very few friends. I feel the need to suggest to everyone that still has the chance to keep a family together that they should do it, because the family unit is the foundation of many things.

Weeping: Yes, I've cried. I don't believe that men don't cry, it's a foolish macho thing. Weeping can be as beautiful as laughing, because you pour your heart out. I'm not a crier because I don't get depresssed easily, but at times the pressure is so much and your sensitivity is skin deep, so it's easy to cry.

My family: My future family will be composed of the good things and the problems that everyone has. I will start a family when I feel it's the right moment. I want to have kids, but not many, at the most two. If I had more I would feel like I'd be making a mistake.

Defects and Virtues: I'm a person who lives in the moment. I like to enjoy the present and to learn from the past in order not to repeat mistakes. As a virtue, I could highlight my perseverance, responsibility, and the respect and love I have for my career. My defects I'm not going to talk about...but there are more than three.

Blows: Frustrations, no, disappointments, yes. I've lived some bitter don't know how they've beaten me down! And it's always the same, because I've been married to music, to art. That's my essence; without music I'm nothing; without art, I don't know how to live.

Prohibition: I prohibit myself from failing, not evolving, not improving; I forbid myself to do stupid things....there is another word for that, I don't let myself to things without thinking; it's rare that I lose discipline with myself. I'm more than disciplined.

The Vortex: During that first time, I was so young, and events were happening faster than my own capacity to understand what was happening. Everything seemed a fantasy to me, dreams that you daydreamed so many times that they seemed unreachable. The success of my first single and my first album was an incredible event. The people from my record company couldn't believe it and even my father thought that everything was the product of luck. They always told me not to believe in it and that's why I turned into a true artist; they told me I should be humble; and still I work a lot and very seriously.

Parents: If there is something bad that parents do to their children it's obligating them to do things without giving them the least explanation. With that dictatorial attitude you lose the ties that really should go toward making them closer each time. We can't forget that the upbringing that they give you depends on your style of behavior in life. You have to look at the positive way of encouraging one, of the negative, during a stage where one is very confused like between 15 and 18 years old, when we believe we are masters of the world and of truth.

Isolation: I've never been a partier or one to go out much, I've always been an isolated person. I enjoy solitude and at times if I'm alone in some aspects it's because I must be that way and I don't want to avoid it. Feelings are rebellious, they're not as trainable
The father: When my father died I was told many things that surprised me. My father was a person that I can't blame. He was what he was and he learned during a difficult stage of the world how to live. But his vision was mistaken.

Music and Women: My big problem or characteristic, I don't know which, is that my life is music; my life has the form of a song and that's why women have not remained in my life, because they have not made me feel the music, or because I've not learned how to make them feel it.

Arrogant: There are those who see me as indifferent to everything, arrogant and distant. If they believe that, well, that's how I am.
Because around me they have been spreading so many nets, so many barriers, that what I really am or what I really say, even if it's
not meant in bad faith, everything ends up being distorted.

The Forgotten: There are memories that one prefers to fade, there are those that bring pain upon your shoulders. They have to do with
childhood, family, with negative stages and acts. And by the way, there are others that always I want to revive, for example: to walk
through the streets, talk to a friend, have a minute to live simply. You know what happens? Fame is very selfish....

Friends or Lovers? I doubt very much that there has been a true friendship between a man and a woman, from my point of view, that
doesn't end in a sexual relationship, unless they are friends for many years or there's a very great exception. There are exceptions to
any rule, but it's very difficult.

The Future: For the future I hope that I'll be whatever it lets me be and to be as I am. And to let me sing for any more years, like I'm
singing now. Each time less from the throat and more from the heart.

The End: With this kind of life one can arrive to where the magic lets you. And I hope with this kind of life I can also get to the point where you listen to me talk, listen to my real voice. There you will find out that I'm only an old dog, alone and very beaten.

Neither the fame nor the money. As much for myself as for other sensible people, the only thing that truly makes you happy is affection. To sing, to have the people applaud, that keeps me alert and alive.

My greatest fear is that someone doesn't really love me. I dream about looking and feeling what surrounds me. The only thing that stays with you is the tranquility of interior peace, the certainty that you are achieving what fills you with passion. And the love, to feel loved...but truly.

I prefer the Spanish language because it has so many ways to say I love you.

To be able to show your feelings to the people who love you is a privilege.

I do what I like and the sacrifices are worth it.

I'd rather die than reveal the privacy of any of the relationships that I have. For me, solitutde is necessary, practically vital.

Limits don't exist for a fighter.

The best moment in my life was when I fell in love for the first time.

Go back to an ex-girlfriend? Never!

A person who is not romantic doesn't have a very big heart.

I have the responsibility to send a message of love, peace, and good feelings.

I have found peace, but I've felt very alone finding it.

I love my solitude, to stay on the outside. Perhaps it's a form of protecting my feelings, my spirit.

I never took singing lessons. And they even threw me out of a music class at school, I think because I broke a piano; I was very naughty.

I don't take any special care of my throat, I drink things with ice and they say that's bad for the voice. But I sleep alot, that is basic.

The things that I sing come from my heart, from the experiences of my life. I try to sing what I feel.

All of my songs have something of me in them and if you listen carefully to them you will always find the same message: something positive, where it includes nature and beaches and sun.

At this moment of my life I don't need anyone to tell me what I have to do. I listen but I know exactly who I am and what I want. Whether I'm wrong or not is my problem.

I'm jealous, although I don't know if I'm a bear or a tiger.

I don't think I can say I'm obsessive. I have a great passion for things, but I don't know if it's to the degree of obsession.

I'm orderly, but not meticulous. I like to have things in order; I suffer a lot when my life is disorganized.

I always avoid a routine because I really hate it and I try to create new things all the time.

An artist has to have a sad side to his life, a hidden side, a mysterious side that nobody is ever capable of guessing, because it robs a little of oneself.

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